Use your prepaid sim card for Europe

Are you having enough prepaid sim card Europe? If you don’t, i can help you with this! For a month ago i was on a holiday with my husband. A really nice week were whe have enough fun.

The moment when we were back home i get the bill from using our phone. The bill was really high, to high to understand this. So i picked up the phone and call the sender from this bill. First of all i want to know all about it before i’ll pay.

Good help

A nice voice on the other side of the phone helped me really good to understand the bill. She said that it’s happend because i use our phone every day. Just to check my social media and call back home. Because i didn’t know that you have to pay extra, this is te reason why the bill is so high.

I deside to look at  the internet for a website where i can get it cheaper. Thanks to the page i find the answere i wanna see. Here it’s possible to buy a prepaid sim card wich i can use for whole Europe. I hope that i won’t get any bills with those numbers again.

Forex trading

Nowadays forex trading is the most popular way of trading. The Forex Market, also known as the ‘Foreign Exchange’ or the ‘FX’ is the most largest market in the world, where currencies are traded. 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, more than 4 trillion dollars are exchanged.

On the Forex Market you can speculate with a large amount of money without a large investment. With an investment of 200 Euros, you can open a position of 20,00 Euros or more and still you can benefit from the changes in the larger position. A small difference in the currency price, can give you a large profit.

For example: if you think that the Euro will rise against the US dollar, you can decide to buy a currency pair of EUR/USD for a low price. When the Euro rises, you can sell this currency for a higher price and you will make profit.

Start Forex trading?

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