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Hengelose bedrijven komen uit de schulden door schuldhulpverlening

Oxyz is een schuldhulpverleningsorganisatie die bedrijven in Hengelo helpt om uit de schulden te komen. Naast Hengelo hebben ze ook nog andere plaatsen in Nederland, waar ze hulp verlenen aan bedrijven. Het opvallende aan de hulpverlener in Hengelo is dat ze graag persoonlijk contact houdt met ondernemers. Zij hecht er …

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Looking for a wedding band?

Looking for a wedding band? At Evenses you are at the right place. We are the entertainment professional in the UK. Your wedding day is more than a big party. It is a sequence of all special events. Each part deserves its own special place in time. …

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7 uses for carbon fiber material

Did you know carbon fiber material is used in more than hundreds of products? This composite material is very light and much stronger than almost every metal. It has revolutionized the space and the aerospace industries. Carbon fiber is used in many ways and its everywhere.

Cars …

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Forex trading

Nowadays forex trading is the most popular way of trading. The Forex Market, also known as the ‘Foreign Exchange’ or the ‘FX’ is the most largest market in the world, where currencies are traded. 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, more than 4 trillion dollars …

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